Wildernessneed.org Mission Statement

Welcome to our website. We are launching it based on three simple premises:

   1. We go to the wilderness because we need to go to the wilderness.
   2. We share what we see and experience ̶̶ ̶̶ we are wilderness witnesses.
   3. We seek to find and dialogue with others who need to visit wilderness.

We call this website
wildernessneed.org because we believe that people need wilderness ̶̶ ̶̶ although the wilderness does not necessarily need us, and humans can be quite destructive to wilderness.

Content of this website currently includes 4 sections:
   Wilderness need mission: why we launched this website and go to wilderness.
   • About us: a little background on us and this project.
    • Wilderness Visits: each month a new wilderness will be featured, based on our growing inventory of wilderness visited (40 so far). Featured will be seasonal, e.g. a desert wilderness in January, rock and ice wilderness mid-summer. Map, photos & column on visitor info.
    • Wilderness Heroes: interviews with interesting people who work for/ love the wilderness.

Two other sections to be added soon:
    • Wilderness Witness: what we have observed; barriers/benefits to visiting this wilderness. For wilderness revisited this could include changes over time (vegetation, use, management).
   • Wilderness Links: other sites for good wilderness information or stories.